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Name: Antonia Tiplea-Serban
Description: Description: I am Antonia, a 22-year-old Built Environment student from Romania with almost 3 years of experience within Core. Along the way, I’ve taken up technical tasks, marketing tasks and ultimately I have been the captain of the team for the past year. I have been responsible for all things administration and I’ve been part in the decision-making processes that brought Core to its state of today. Therefore, my knowledge about Core is as broad as it gets, so I’m the usual go-to person for any question might ever come up (of course, unless the answer can be found in the campus :D) I’m looking forward to being the team captain again this year to finetune the skills I have acquired on this journey so far and to take the organization to its next level together.
Knowledge: HR, Leadership, Marketing, Project Management, Setting up a project, Student Counseling, Organization, Helios

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